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Always check the injury report. Injuries are huge in Football Gambling and can mean the difference between a win and a loss.

Don’t be afraid to double up on Monday. If you are down and like the Monday game double your wager.

Keep your cool. Never chase your money. Meaning never wager on games because they are the only thing to place a wager on.

Control you bankroll. Set a certain amount you are going to bet and stick with that all season.

Start early. Usually the lines are a little looser in the beginning months of the season. So start your season with the NFL season.

NCAA College Football Betting

College Sports Betting Online

College Football Betting can be easy to beat if you are patient and exercise good judgment. Let College sports betting odds explain.

College football betting offers a ton of opportunities every single weekend of the college football season. During the college football season most linesmakers will put out a spread on every single college football game.

With that being said, you should only make college football bets on games where you feel you have found “value”.

NCAA College Football Betting 101

NCAA College Football Betting

NCAA College Football Betting Line


NCAA Football betting is exactly the same as placing a bet on the NFL football games, in the same aspect as using the College Football betting line to separate two teams that are playing one another. The only difference is that you will often see the NCAA football betting spreads are a lot higher than the NFL football betting spreads. This is due to the difference in the number of teams and the large discrepancy in the quality of players that play for those teams. Because of the number of College football teams in division 1-A which in turn means a ton of games, betting College football is a no brainier for the sharp sports bettor.

For example, let’s say Southern California is playing Army, I would not be surprised to see the odds makers make Southern California minus about 38 points, something you will never see in the NFL. If this game were to actually happen the morning College football Odds would look something like this:

Army +38
USC -38

What this means to someone betting on USC is that in order to win your bet, they would have to distroy Army by more than 38 points in order to win the bet. But someone betting on Army would need them to either win the game out right or lose by less than 38 points against the Football spread. If the scoring margin were to be exactly 38 points, the game would be called a push and neither better would win or lose money. It is simply a draw.

Definition of Live College Football Props Betting


A College Football straight bet is a football bet on the outcome of the game. The College Football Props bets are determined by a Point spread, a Moneyline, a Game Total or a Runline. The football team or sports event bet on must win the game or sports event either outright or by covering the point spread. The payout is determined by the NCAA Football Props line posted at the time of the football bet was placed.

At College Sports Betting Odds we will give you exactly what it takes to bring you the most consistent College football picks that you will find anywhere in the world. We are here to provide you with quality football picks and make your football betting more enjoyable and profitable.

Las Vegas college football odds & lines


Remember the betting odds for college football games do fluctuate throughout the week. To be certain you have viewed the most recent odds for each NCAA football games, check back throughout the week for free updated college football odds.

Free updated Las Vegas college football betting odds at college sports betting odds, we display the NCAA football odds lines that other sites hardly post.

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